Dec 19, 2012; Cincinnati, OH, USA; Xavier Musketeers head coach Chris Mack talks to forward Isaiah Philmore (31) in the first half against the Cincinnati Bearcats at U.S. Bank Arena. The Bearcats defeated the Musketeers 60-45. Mandatory Credit: Frank Victores-USA TODAY Sports

Morning Cup of Musketeer: Mack to Minnesota Unlikely

…because it doesn’t make sense. At least not as much as Minnesota’s Beat Writer Amelia Rayno might have you think.

For starters, Mack is a Villa 7 guy – essentially (Norwood) Teague and (Mike) Ellis helped him get his first head coaching job and the relationship is there. I cannot state how much I have heard people connected with those two talk about how much coaches love to work with them.

- Secondly, Xavier just turned over its athletic director, with Mike Bobinski leaving for Georgia Tech’s AD job, meaning that the guy that hired Mack as a head coach is no longer there.

- There is a lot of change with Xavier right now – going to a new conference, operating under a new AD. Would it be as good a time

as any for Mack to leave?

She can’t state how much she’s heard people connected with those two talk about how much coaches love to work with  them? I bet she could. The turnover in ADs is probably the most convincing piece of evidence that could suggest a move. Those outside of Xavier University haven’t a clue as to the extent of the relationship between Chris Mack and Greg Christopher. But would it really make much sense that Bobinski, a good friend of Mack, doesn’t remotely consult Mack on his replacement? Not at all?

“A lot of change with Xavier right now” is a little vague. Xavier gets a new AD and a better conference. I suppose that’s change Mack could struggle with – a chance to continue playing in the Atlantic 10, thwarted by accepting the Big East’s  invitation.

Chris Mack is a hometown guy. Miller wasn’t. Matta wasn’t. Mack’s wife is a hometown girl.  Mack coaches his alma mater, where he played, and turned down $16 mil from Tennessee to do it. The move made sense for Matta. Made sense for Miller.

But if you’re going to trade in a Lexus, it better be for a Bimmer.

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